Friday, January 15, 2016


Avadhani Sri.TVS Sarma from Rajamundry displayed his skills of Avadhanam at Abhayanjaneya swamy temple at Bhadrachalam.It's an added advantage on thursday being the Bhogi.There are eight questioners on the stage to test ,that's why it's called Ashtavadhaanam.This literary and linguistic feat is a special coveted part in Telugu language.Avadhaani must have great attentive and concentration skills along with wits of his own.One has to attain command over both Telugu and Sanskrit languages with a tinge of general knowledge to face all prucchakas effectively.It's a great delight to see ashTaavadhaanam of scholarly people since which it displays one's abnormal mind power.

The program has been organised by Bhakta Ramadasu Samiti and Avadhaana ahwaana brundam of Bhadrachalam.Sarvasri Murli krishnamacharya,Lakshmi narsamma,Malyasri,Sanyasi Sarma,Tirupati,Krishna murthy and others have participated as prucchakas.Many students and other people turned up to the event as which has taken place in a breezy evening.

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