Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Queer Felicitation

Mr.Mallemoggala Ramu, A barber by his profession was felicitated for his fastidious and dedicated spirit of work by Mr.Allamraju Srihari Kameswara Rao.He has honored Ramu with new dress material along with a shawl and which is being seen in the picture.Every organisation keeps giving away awards and felicitations for only high profile individuals but here Mr.Rao ,the philanthropist selected a common professional for his heartfelt felicitation.Society acts with callousness when recognizing dedication in marginalized street side professionals.

On queries, he said that each year an ostracized low profile person in some profession to be selected for his felicitation and this is fourth one in the tradition.Hoped to be complying in the way adopted by him in the years to come.Let's give him a big hand for the novel idea he has chosen to pay back the society.

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