Friday, November 27, 2015

Cartoon Exhibition unveiled

CCE is the buzzword now among the fraternity of the teaching world,especially it sends terror through the spine concerning with its irrational ways in the process of  evolution of pupil's performance regarding the tests.Almost every aspect of its dark side has been presented in the form of cartoons by V.Vijay Kumar garu.Exhibition of all these pieces attracted every teacher when which has taken place in the premises of  SNAM ZPSS,Narsapuram today.With brandishing apocalyptic nature one side,expecting unusual educational standards from the both teaching and learning sides revealing  the unscientific outlook of our policy makers .The same truth resounded so smoothly in the cartoons drawn by Vijay Kumar garu.Most of the time is spared to exhaust in the name of gradings and in result,there is hardly any time to concentrate on teaching in the class room.Literally it is a mind game getting a class room in to a dungeon shack.

The subtle sense in the pictures no way failed evoking a new spirit along with some heartfelt smiles.That's what the real purpose of the show here arranged by G.Gopala Krishna garu.All the teachers of the school and other ones who came here to participate in the educational meeting enjoyed it a lot.Here a photograph is also for you on the occasion of the do.

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