Sunday, August 30, 2015

Long live Telugu language

Yesterday was abuzz with the celebrations of Gidugu Jayanti.Both Telugu states observed a day for stalwart of the yore in his hoary memory. Gidugu Rama murthy, a name unforgettable for every Telugu admiring heart for his service towards evolving Telugu in to common man friendly.Because of his relentless efforts the present form of language accessible to all segments of readers.Bhadrachalam,the temple town gave its rich tributes to the great soul.Telangana Sahiti celebrated Gidugu's Jayanti as which was announced as Telugu bhaashaa dinotsavam.Veedhula Rambabu,Malyasri,Swarupa,Tirupatayya,Durgachari,Desiraju Krishna murthy,KSR Das,Srinivasa Rao and others have participated in the program. 

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