Saturday, August 15, 2015

Galaxy : Padmapriya's Poetry

The 56 page collection of poetry of Dr.Padmapriya has been brought out by Home of Letters (India),Bhubaneswar a couple of years back and here is a glimpse of it to show the some part of the oeuvre at its possible length.The poetess upholds the spirit of humanity and global peace all through her labyrinthine of magical words,that sounds simple yet profound.Padmapriya encompassed her views on almost every important happening which is bound to be encountered by every conscious human being.She has chosen the words carefully to voice in her own tone.

Padmapriya's commitment is flawless and she does not have any qualms in choosing the concept.In one poem ("Winter" ) the intricacies of replenishment of life portrayed in  like this,behold..

Snow does not fall always,

Nor are trees without leaves,

Why do we malign winters?

There may be good in winters too.

Does not the cold make us work to keep ourselves warmer?

Do failures not make us writhe in anger,

And make us to do things ,better ..?

Does not sorrow give way to happiness?

Sooner than later?

Does not loneliness make us seek company?

Does not a little bit of jealousy help us,

By making us outperform ourselves?.......

The magic of words came out from her as the mosaic of dazzling raindrops got snowballed in to a awesome piece of stream that vent out the meandering agony of every benevolent  heart.The poems in the book are ranged from the themes of nature,morality to God and religion.Dr.Padmapriya born in Salem of Tamil nadu in 1982.Being herself a doctorate in Economics from the University of Madras,has chosen writing poetry in English as her prime passion since her childhood.We have very limited group of women concerned to Indo -Anglican poetry and here now a promising  one with her apocalyptic and prophetic glow.

For copies: Mr.Mandal Bijoy Beg,(For The Home of  letters,Bhubaneswar),106,Santoshi vihar, Meherpalli,Canal road,Laxmisagar,P.O: Budheswari,Bhubaneswar-751006 (Odisha) India.Ph: +91 99373 41597.

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