Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pushkara fete at Bhadrachalam

(Photo courtesy: Juhith Yadav)

Pushkaraalu , the holy dip celebrations for 12 years kick started here on last tuesday i.e. 14 july 2015 and it will be lasting up to 25th of this month.With the auspicious pujas and  with the hands of Hindu pontiffs like Sri China Jeeyar Swamy the colorful festival began to offer prayers to the river.And during this season offering respects to the departed people also recommended by Shastras.That's why the temple town is all busy with visiting devotees from almost all parts of the country.

First day witnessed nearly 1 lakh people at the ghats for bathing and yesterday too all streets and banks of the river swarmed with the rush of them.Police personnel,health employees and others have got deputed here for smooth running of the marvel event.And ten more days are there to complete.Buses are being stopped at the place of Sarapaka ,a three mile away village to quash unwanted traffic troubles.From there free bus service is provided to enter the pilgrim town.

Lodges,guest rooms,choultries and even private houses are full with occupation of the in comers.The solace is they are getting back as soon as once they finished Darshan or it would have been  a havoc with the problem of traffic and other amenities.Usually there are some additional places around here to visit like Parnasala etc.,and that could get completed in one or two days and of course this is not the right time for boat cruise at Perantapalli,that is a must be seen natural landscape in one's life. 


  1. I was tempted to go, but then idea of the kind of crowd that would be there left me intimidated!
    Thanks for sharing the details.

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