Sunday, July 19, 2015

Buchi Babu, The Connoisseur of Telugu Story is remembered

Yesterday it was evening in the teachers' colony of ITC management,Bhadrachalam and the cool breeze out in the open venue witnessed several literary admirers to have remembered the doyen of Telugu story writing,Buchi Babu. Dr.Vedagiri Rambabbu gave key note speech over the topic of Buchi Babu's life  and style of story writing with so many incidents cited that reflected and supported the woof and warp of the craftmanship of the story teller of yore.

Buchi babu penned 80 stories in Telugu and enriched the fulcrum of it to the generations ahead  of his times.Chivariki Migiledi ,the novel remained as a master piece for ever and which would be remained so for its quality of life portrayed in an awesome way.Dr.Rambabu explained extensively on the topic concerned.

Dr.K.Papaiah Sastry,D.V.Krishna murthy,N.CH.Chakravarti,Maganti Suryam,A.Srinivasa raju and others have spoken on this occasion.

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