Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bhadrachalam is getting ready for Pushkarams

The holy abode of Lord Rama,Bhadrachalam,is getting ready for forth coming mega devotional event of Pushkarams or pushkaraalu,which occurs only once for every 12 years.Twelve holy rivers that are flowing over 12 pilgrim places have this unique fete one after one to facilitate devotees to round all the holy places in our country.Having a dip in the time of Pushkaraalu fetches blessings ,especially in the rivers flown by the age old temples,people believed it.July 14 to 25 would witness crowds of devotees at the place of Bhadrachalam.This time Almost one crore people are expected to have holy bathings here.Arrangements are being under progress.Bathing ghats,traffic planning,sanitation and all other things are getting supervised by senior officials.

Interestingly,this time Naga sadhus are coming here all the way from Himalayan region.Devotees are also expecting from different states of India.Though there are other ghats at varied places of Godavari floating ,Bhadrachalam is mostly thronged by the visitors since which is being a pilgrim place of many people's choice to visit.The town has a unique state as it is sprawled in to Andhra region,although which is primarily in the state of Telangana.So one can witness here the best blend of the two regions.Of course,Chattis garh and Odisha boarders too very close to Bhadrachalam.

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