Friday, June 12, 2015

State book of Records Recognized the efforts of Bekkanti & others

All India wide dance competitions held at Bhadrachalam on 4th of may was recognized as an outstanding effort by Telangana state book of records.The organisation presented a memento  and certificates to the concerned people.The key person for this entire program is Bekkanti Srinivasa Rao,was felicitated by the dignitaries of the town.Dance competitions on the basis of saint Rama dasa's keertanas a novel thought hitherto and which has taken place for the first time at Bhadrachalam with great pomp and gaiety.Almost every popular dance form has been displayed in the event,so that which remained a doting experience for the participants and the audience as well.

Sri Sunnam Rajayya,MLA of Bhadrachalam congratulated the program convener Bekkanti Srinivasa Rao and others and he also promised his co-operation for the future ventures of the organisation.All the people who actively involved in the event were felicitated in the Mithila praanganam of historical temple of Bhadrachalam.

Along with  him Sri Talluri Panchaksharayya,Sunnam Rajayya,Kuricheti Panduranga Rao,Pakala Durgaprasad were felicitated on this occasion.Valluripalli Vamsi krishna,R.Krishna Reddy,Y.Ravi kumar,MB.Narsa Reddy,G.Nagaraju,P.Lakshminarayana,Bhushan Rao, Murthy,MAdhusudan,GRK and others participated in the gala event.

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