Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Major Mishap nearby Bhadrachalam

(Photo Courtesy: Bandaru Ravi Kumar's FB Status)

It is perhaps a biggest ever vehicular accident near by pilgrim town Bhadrachalam.Exact location is called by Sarapaka outskirts.And adjoins the river Godavari bridge.In fact,the RTC bus as it neared to the bridge entrance to come in to the holy town,the unfortunate fatal accident happened.The bridge entrance from the side of Sarapaka,has no railings or caution signs though there were slope like sides and possibility of  slipping off in to the downs of river side.

The accident has taken place today around 1 p.m., Bus has fallen in to the down side from the almost bridge level.And it has gotten up side down,think the horrible side of it  for a while.Bus driver and three passengers have lost their lives.It was reported that 39 other passengers also have suffered severe injuries.the complete picture will come tomorrow as most of them have admitted in the hospital.

The road especially where the bus has slipped from is very badly in need of some repairs because there were many ups and downs even on that tar road.Every vehicle holder felt here the possibility of the mishap.Condolences to the unfortunate souls.

Godavari Pushkarams ,the great religious celebrations are going to held at Bhadrachalam from July 14 to 25, so the place of Sarapaka is vital for traffic flow entering in to the pilgrim town.It indicates the importance of further arrangements to be done regarding the traffic and road safety. 

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