Thursday, April 9, 2015

Children's Magazine By Children

Children have turned  correspondents of a magazine, titled by Balavaani.It has been brought out by the efforts of pupil's team of class eighth,studying in Z.P.High school,Nandigamapadu,Andhra Pradesh.With the inspiration of a lesson 'Aavo Patrika Nikalo',an in-house magazine was prepared by studded with varied articles,news items and many other interesting write-ups,all were contributed by the school children.

Let's have some glimpses of this hand written magazine.A local jatara which is called by Bandi jatara has been covered in the issue with its full details.This is a special day observed by the local people of Nandigama every year.Another student has written on the summer plights of the people,the scarcity of water and scorching heat and its results etc.,An interesting phenomena is one student tried to upheld a model school located nearby his residing place.

Agricultural news also covered by them with the inputs of practical problems.Chilli crop is affecting badly because of water problem in their view.Farmers might not get due profits this time if it had rain untimely.Murumuru is the adjacent village and it was also described with the happening of Mutyalamma Jatara.There are plenty of tit-bits,jokes,cartoons,drawings and short stories along with the news coverage of their locality.This rich experience provided them adequate work atmosphere of making a meaningful magazine.

An inter state news was also smelled by the children in this work.Usually the workers come here from Chattis Garh to pluck chillis in the season of summer.They wrote about their influx and reasons for that,thus the problems of migrating workers are discussed as well.

G.Sairam,P.Anji babu,Ch.Shyam,Ch.Swetha,P.Spandana and Sk.Zareena have rendered their best from the editorial team.P.Swati,G.Navyasri,P.Durga,Sk.Madina,D.Pujitha,A.Rakesh,S.Sai kiran,M.Reshmant etc. contributed along with the editorial team.The project being carried out under the guidance of Mr.N.Madhusudan Rao,the subject expert.Readers expressed their opinions in the concluding pages.

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