Sunday, February 22, 2015

Book reading should not be sacrificed

Books hold very important role in one's life.Book reading should not be discouraged at any cost" said librarian Mr.N.Mallikarjuna Rao when I asked him about his achievement certificate received by District collector on the occasion of  66th Republic day celebrations.He has been working here as a branch librarian since 1999.Mr.Rao hailed from Venkatapuram of Vemsur mandal.He has always been enthusiastic in the work of new building construction for library and improvement of physical structure of it with green plantation.

At present the branch library has 22,665 books and the members are around 2359.Though the library established here in 1955,the new building got materialized recently.With different dailies,weeklies and other periodicals it is drawing readers in good number.Bhadragiri congratulated him for the laurels he received.

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  1. i must say i'm a proud member of a library with 50,000 books and 8,000 members. Yet the librarians there remember me as i'm a frequent visitor.

    Village Girl


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