Friday, February 6, 2015

A Season for Playlets

(An excerpt from Andhra jyothi daily)

Bhadrachalam once again rocked with Interstate drama competitions organised by Bhadradri kala bharathi.This is 13 th year of happening the event without any break with the help of philanthropists in and and around the place.The 3 day event inaugurated  yesterday.Telugu  cinema artists Siva krishna and Kota Sankara Rao and likes partake of  the meet held on the yesterday's evening.Social activist Devi called for the surge of people against the submerging areas of innocent aboriginals ,under the Polavaram project.

Siva krishna, once upon a time an acclaimed artist for the characters of rebel nature in the tollywood,opined that movies were not his cup of tea and straight forward people like him prone to diminish in the course of time.Also told the audiences about his contribution in the capacity of  Censor board chairman and Vice president,MAA.

Kota Sankara Rao showed his play "Minster" along with his troupe.The play based on the present political scenario with the touch of a novel spirit.Got applause from the people.The starting day of the gala event witnessed many local dignitaries like Tippana Siddulu,Pakala Durga prasad,Chavaa Lakshmi narayana,Vijaya saradhi,Allam raja rao,Puli Raja Rao,Dr.S.L.Kantha Rao,Valluripalli Vamshi krishna,Javvadi Venkateswara babu,Suresh kumar,CVK Rao.

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