Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In search of signs of Prehistoric people

We have got ready a couple days back, to venture into the forests of Gannavaram colony of Charla Mandalam where the place of some ancient rocks laid down in memory of their ancestors and it was believed to be prehistoric age.Local friends ,extended their support to reach the exact location or it could have been a tremulous nightmare for sure as they were wrapped under the heaps of dried leaves and other stones.

During the walk, we have come across many scenic nature beauties and captured them for our blog readers.A Video should do justice than having clicked the rocks ,That's why a detailed video also provided at the bottom,hope you like it.

As usual Naren garu guided in this rolling into deep forests and the rumble makes by fallen leaves beneath our feet ,perhaps sending out messages for the animals and so that no trace of them .Dead calm all over except the birds fluttering sound.

We have analyzed that these were not dolmens like the ones on the hillocks of kamuni cheruvu,a few miles away from here,yet these could have been erected in memories of their departed elders,and these steep rocks both sides of the narrow path.Some rocks were scattered and some are seen as unearthed.

For complete view,please see the video given in the bottom.

(A Glimpse of the location)

(Selfie during the walk)

( A Pond nearby hills)

(Toddies in the fields)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Heaven for Aficionados

With Paravastu Lokeswar garu,a legendary travel writer in the book fair

I was there at the 27th Vijayawada Book Festival a couple of days back and will endeavor my best inditing a few lines about my stupendous experience.The event commenced on 1st of this month and to be lasted for a fortnight.Interestingly  there was no ingress fee for this immensely colossal mela of books.International level publishers such as Harper Collins,Oxford,Jaico etc participated with their stalls.Many other national level book sellers seemed to be there apart from Giant Telugu publishers like Visalandhra,Navachetana,Emesco etc.,Ramakrishna Mission book stall too was there with the attendance of many youth readers.

Book donation box and a Sadhu like person

Altogether 230 stalls were established from all corners of the country.Novels,story books,autobiographies,General erudition and info-packed books and what not every genre of publications was being exhibited for exuberant readers.English,Telugu and a few Hindi book stalls predominantly were visually perceived to accommodate the needy people,Apart from all these,literary activities were another magnetization.Writers' interaction,book releases and storytelling for children all these integrated pep to the perpetual book fair.

A Glimpse of the book fair

The Week,Deccan Chronicle and some other magazines established their outlets to promote their circulation.Second hand books were additionally available with nominal prices.But English fiction sellers do not consider a discount ,nevertheless, lots of classics of past and  present times draw attention of bibliophiles.It's a great designation of hope being visually perceived immensely colossal number of youths turn up to this grand book fair.At last,pulled it off with a note of ecstasy by having a selfie with Paravastu Lokeswar garu,the peregrinate inditer who opened his own stall to sell out his books.

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Review on Paulo Coelho's Novel "The Winner Stands Alone"

Superstitions are common to all , of course, maybe different people have different ones.Some are age old and some modern,of what ...? It could be anything,let me speak my mind first.Thus ,you understand my pain and shattered confidence in detail.This is all abouPaulo Coeolho and his novel The Winner stands alone.
Prior to this, I have read some books of Paulo and understood his insight about  the daily routine where many have failed to write in a simple and possible profound style.

This time with the novel cited above not up to the mark in any aspect.Wondered at how poor the narrative looked pale and uninteresting all through the theme delving  into it.That may be called faltering or something ,but it utterly failed to move the reader to further pages,Subject is about scintillating and glitzy world.Already fiction kings attempted them like nothing to leave.Theme is classy and it is all about Cannes film festival,flashy stars,manipulating bigwigs and Super class that knows and plays all intimidating tricks to endure their empire at any cost.

In such kind of festival, our hero Igor and heroine Ewa entered with their own missions.Igor,Russion business man experienced with Afghanisthan war in his early days.Ewa,his wife ,designer  but eloped with a fashion magnate of Arab origin called Hamid.Igor came here to get back his sweetheart at any cost and starts eliminating some persons in the part of his play.He keeps signalling all these by messages.In brief,this is all the story.Several characters like Gabriela,Jasmine and Savoy come one by one to support the narrative.

It's all about a murder mystery all through the story.Meanwhile,the details and anecdotes of Cannes ,a small town in France come up to entertain us ,how the nondescript meagerly populated place evolved as a center for flashy stars and so on.Future models and their plans even to the level of sleeping with nobody revealed in its own way.Igor, though killed some persons for the sake of getting his wife back seemed not convincing.And one can raise against it for this silly thought though there were number of ugly ways to do the same.And Igor never thought of being punished with his highly sophisticated technics of killing innocents.

The story and conceiving both are so poor . Suspense is the key, but anybody can guesthe  conclusion. Paulo Coelho underestimated the prudence of the reader. Sometimes we get bored and his insights looked lengthy when he thought of saying something high philosophy.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The 11 day - Festival Commenced

(Temple from outside)

Vaikuntha Ekadasi celebrations (Dec 30 - Jan 9,2017)  here came at Bhadrachalam and this eleven day bound Fete had been observing since time immemorial ,some say,these were initiated by Saint Tuumu Narasimha Dasu, however, with the advent of Ekadasi utsavalu,number of devotees keep visiting on the particular days without fail.These celebrations consist of three main happenings.First 10 days,celestial deity gives darshanam in the different avataram ,that means 10 avataram altogether.In addition,each day carries cultural programs like dancing,singing,dramas and other things.On the last day , resplendent event  not to skip off,Teppotsavam.

(Yesterday,Second day, in Koormavataaram)

Teppotsavam expansively attracts all ages of people, the presiding deity goes on a boat ride in the waters of the Godavari,shimmering evening light and breeze  lead the people to unknown worlds,mobs regale with hoary anecdotes of the deity.Crackers start to peel off the layers of the night with its dazzling booming.The archetype custom on the last day would always be welcomed with great joy to propitiate the Deity in open space.

The following day,early morning,Uttara dwara darshanam,That means the devotees can have the darshanam of Deity from the gate of North side which remain closed all other days except this day.There was an allegory that if anyone could see the lord from this gate,there would not be another birth for any human being.For the sake of a wacky idea,you might ask me if I tried it,frankly NO.Oh... Don't jump to a conclusion,I am not fortunate enough these days,except twice or thrice in my childhood, as there was a heavy rush all the time.And Am a busy bee with my travelling all around ..!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Parnasala : Glimpses at desultory

(An old and abandoned construction at the entrance of Parnasala)

(Temple view from the backside,some work was under progress) 

That was a day of cool breeze in the tiny village Parnasala,yet,the name is quite familiar for the anecdotes of Ramayana as Rama and Sita ,the divine couple was said to be resting here for a few days during their Vanavasam or Forest dwelling.As of now,neither the wild forest nor the massive influx of people are evident here for the reasons of its own.On a few celebrations like Srirama Navami and Mukkoti ,there we can see the traffic problem with flooding of devotees,an untold rule is every devotee afoot in Parnasala after his Darshan at Bhadrachalam,else,it was something wrong.
(Toddies and the hillocks over there in backdrop,a banyan tree too)

(Goats happily grazing)

What to see here apart from the temple..?Guide shows the place where once Sita washed her clothes and dried up the same on the rock plates and the small hut believed to be lived in as well.Along with them, serenely flowing Godavari is another great scenario which delineates haunting landscapes across the banks.Boating facility is provided.This must be in your list while visiting to feel the luster,elegance and opulence of Nature's exuberance.

(Boat is ready)

I would present some pics here to depict the topography of Parnasala.Not only the Temple view,possibly other common sights which almost every typical village carries with it.Parnasala has a thorough road from Bhadrachalam and almost 35k.m. From there.There were small time vendors who provide meals and basic needs like cool drinks,mineral water etc.Some people say weekends keep drawing more visitors than other days.

(Sprawling hills along the banks of Godavari)

(Parnasala or Kutiram in the premises of the temple)

Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Writer Penned more than 1000 novels

Perhaps his name should have been on the list of Guinnes book of world records for being the most prolific writer,the name Kovvali might not have evoked thoughts those who do not access to Telugu language,even the younger generation of present time Telugus hardly know the name since most of his novels are not at disposal for several reasons.But he created a record by penning more than 1000 novels,true,the older generation still lost in memories whenever his name come up on any occasion.

His full name was Kovvali Lakshmi Narasimha Rao( 1912 - 1975) and he was popularly known as Kovvali.Detective,social issues,Tragedy,Comedy,Romance,Folk,reformation,Women welfare whatever the theme was not left of his observation.Kovvali almost touched every interesting topic of the human psyche.He made no reservations choosing the subject.And one more thing,his peak time was 1935 to 1975.Every thing he wrote turned into gold by attracting scores of readers.Kovvali had chosen simple style to reach his writings to the common reader.Those were the days strictest traditional style was only honored and the rest was treated as no worthy literature.

Kovvali entirely trespassed the rule and his only aim was the common reader,his novels always at the limit of 100 pages,that means the reader should enjoy and enlighten in the possible limited time.Yes,his foresight was proved right.He contributed a lot in terms of reading habit among Telugus in the early generations and the due credit should be given in this respect.

Every new beginning has its own woes.His first novel was Palle Paduchu ( A Village Belle) ,received moderate success and he was struggling with successive novels.One day a miracle happened,see,every man's strong conviction receives God's blessings.He gave a new script to a publisher based at Rajahmundry, Veera Venkayya & Sons, but the publisher was pondering over its success ,then a postman came to the publisher to deliver the daily mail,eventually read the script on the spot and said to the publisher "sir...this kind of   novels look very good and time saving,not only that a great entertainment too".

The prudent publisher understood the inner message of the unwelcome reader.And published it and circulated at the bus stations and rail stations.All the copies were sold and in addition the readers asked for if there were any books like these.Immediately the publisher gave advance amount for more four novels and Kovvali obliged it happily.His only mission was writing for the life he realized  it. Not only that,he honored the destiny.

He shifted his base to Madras and wrote six cinema stories i.e., Talli prema,Santhi,Maa Gopi,Sipayi Kuturu,Beedala Assthi,Sri Rama Anjaneya Yuddham.Interestingly, his story titles were also very intriguing like Dancing girl,Doctor's wife,Vagabond prince,Church bell,Burma lady and so on apart from Telugu titles.At times, Kovvali wrote one novel in one day,on the publisher's request within a night he finished one or two novels.That was the incredible market for his books in those times.

During 1935 to 1975 ,he had penned 1001 novels in Telugu and rocked the generation with his thoughts ,especially Kovvali along with his popular style adopted the sense of women's freedom and progressive outlook in his writings.Fortunately Vedagiri Rambabu brought out a book on Kovvali this year and that uphold his life work in a befitting manner. 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Lethal Intruder

Some pictures trigger shock waves through our body and those were inevitable sometimes to initiate required steps in the days to come.Here, I am presenting some photos which will take you to another level of scaring.In fact,this terrific incident has taken place in the district of Kanked of Chattisgarh state.A boy was attacked and killed by a leopard,not only that it seems the lethal animal had pierced the poor one from the bottom as it had liked to get pieces.

How can one outplay a Cheeta when it confronted in the forest..? It's not a cinema to let it get pounced and kill at once.The reality is always a different story.You have to hide from its sight or you should be armed with a powerful rifle to face it,beyond it all,courage is the prerequisite.Or it's not so easy fighting a leopard or tiger as they have the capability of striking with a lightning speed.

Here, in this case that's what happened with the photograph and in other pictures,we could see the body of the Leopard, guessing  it was killed by the irate mob by using all possible tactics. That's not too easy,however the panic has been seen in the pics.The pictures actually belonged to our friend Mr.Anand of Andhra bhoomi journalist and displayed here for our blog readers.You could raise a question that how Chattisgarh state news should be placed in a Telugu daily.Yes,It always does happen every time as our temple town has the boarder with it.

Bastar,Kanked and other districts of Chattisgarh used to take its own share of news in our district editions due to its proximity.And the lion's share of news about the encounter of Naxalites or vice versa.In fact,the state should be cynosure of their handicrafts,pristine tourist destinations and unique cultural display, and what to do,people like stereotypes all the way.