Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Bulldozers : A review on Manoj Das novel

The Bulldozers, a novella authored by Manoj Das.Needless to say about his indomitable writing skills as a bilingual author.This story serialized  in the prominent publications way back in sixties yet,has its own relevance with the present day.It was a satire on surface but a chord of compassion strikes somewhere in the heart of reader,we remain clueless who to blame at the end.However things went that way in the mundane world.

Let's get into the story.Ravi was a library in-charge in a modest town.The library was a private one founded by Roy institute.His dream is to have a house.Ravi also works as a small time reporter for a local daily called Simhanaad to earn some extra bucks.One day,a gentle man Rabindra Mohan Das came to his library with a recommendation letter from the trustee and his wish was to conduct a meeting in the memory of deceased writer of letters to the editor , late Pran Mohan.He checked auditorium,mike and chairs for the forth coming event.

Pamphlets  distributed widely and one Prem Nayak has been fixed as the chief speaker.Alas,on the De day ,no body turned up to fill up the seats.Even including Prem Nayak,Rabindra Mohan Das was suffering from fever and his message was sent through his grand daughter Geetha.Both have bound to finish the meeting without any other person.Here the description was hilarious  that how literary events went on with high sounding jargon even while attendance of people was zero.

There was another episode of  Sahitya sabha , conducted by central government,for which Ravi was made secretary to lead the committee.Writers' verbal fighting over different opinions display inside politics of people of letters.And this hullabaloo made municipality workers bizarre and ultimately astonished by knowing it all a theoretical discussion.

Ravi and Geeta got married at last and bought a house to start their life.On the occupation moment,there was a great problem never expected welcome them.Bulldozers keep hitting his new found home.With full police security.Then he understood how he got the house at the throwaway price,the owner concealed the truth of demolition orders from the authorities.

Almost every page packed with humor and satire which spoke volumes of every day life experience.Humans true behavior revealed in the carefully chosen characters.Every budding and veteran writer showcased quintessentially.Through a lot of chuckles , this will land up the reader into a melancholic plane as how innocence was harnessed to have hell of a headache.

Once again, thanks to Dr.Kulamani Dash ji for gifting me this stupendous work of Sri Manoj Das.   

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Jack London's White Fang

" White Fang " is the book which I have read some days back and It makes me changing my perspective about bovine world.It's all about a wolf - dog in brief.Transforming from a naive,cute and cave ridden puppy to a ferocious fighter in the betting games.Also he traveled to San Francisco with his new master and learned how to live in compact along with other pets and people.It's author Jack London keeps us engaged all along the story telling,of  which an animal voiced his woes,pleasures,struggles some times more fatal  incidents that could turn one meeting death for sure.

Jack London style of telling is objective.And the wolf dog was no way inferior as a whole comparing to any human being to have led an eventful life.White Fang was a hybreed offshoot,born for a wolf and a dog in the forests of Arctic area.So his appearance,strength and swiftness was different.Gray Beaver, his first master gave him that name in the woods.As a puppy, White fang was happy in the cave and his meat was provided by the mother.

He often touches the walls of the cave to ascertain the length and breadth of the world,after some more days he realized that there was unknown space outside it as there were rays seen coming through the entrance of his cave.Gradually he keeps going outside and trying to eat small birds,eggs and reptiles.But a lynx suddenly attacked it to kill,fortunately he got helped by his mother's timely arrival.

White fang learns the first lesson that he should not overpower bigger animals and confine to only small ones.As months go by,he accompanied his mother in acquiring food,one fateful day both were caught by two human beings and brought to the camp where he met other dogs and internal fights were started.Lip-Lip was another one that always tried to bully White Fang whenever he chanced upon.

White fang learns tricks to avoid Lip-Lip and kept sinking his sharp teeth on his enemy when his mother was around.He grasps how to obey his master to get more meat.He grows well and his muscle,bristle and knack for fighting got improved.No dog  challenged his power as he would kill anyone in minutes and he also came to know that he was a special creature with his enviable intelligence and strength.

His demand makes his master to sell him another one for profit thus he was brought to Yukon to fight in betting games and that got his new master rich.But White Fang receives severe wounds now and then in addition with clubbing by his master.In one fight, he was near to death.At that time, he was brought by another human master to land in San Francisco.This was another kind of world.Here I stop for a reason,simply to make you enthusiastic about forth coming events. Sure you appreciate the skillful  work of Jack London for his keen eyes for the world of animals.
                                               --Murthy Kvvs 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Fish at Brindavan Gardens

That was past evening.At Brindavan gardens of Mysore.Guess what we were doing there,hanging out with fellow people and drizzling started all of a sudden.People scattered to random places.After a while,Clouds settled alright with making sky clear.Clicking photos assumed by visitors.Parking place seemed aplenty outside with out coming and in going  vehicles.There were lot of street vendors selling different goods and junk food too.
What attracted me is heaps of the boiled fish in a lane.Plates were full with mouth watering items.On order,the sellers have been serving with another round of  boiling in the oil.The fish were dressed with Chilly powder,salt,turmeric powder etc.,Price is also reasonable at Rs.20.Non vegetarians thronged the outlets to relish the fish.Have had the pic to showcase in my blog.Hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Walker who refused to get tired..!

Let me introduce a book here and which will make you aware of its author with his own mission.He is a  unique  traveler to scale  distances by his foot only.His name is Machavarapu Adinarayana.A retired university teacher,residing at Visakhapatnam.After having read  his "Bhramana kaanksha" (Wanderlust),composed myself to write a few words about such  gentleman.

His legs are his trusted soldiers.He walked 4000 k.m. and penned all those  exhilarating moments in the book.Sounds quirky..? yes.. There were three trips elaborated all through the book.The first one,which had been taken up from Visakhapatnam to Darjiling,where the tomb of Rahul Sankrityayan,the renowned scholar was placed after his demise.Our foot  traveler payed his respects there by  walking off all  the way via Andhra, Orissa and West Bengal.However Darjiling  is extreme north part of Bengal.

The people he met in all these places were  different in their own way and regaled the fabric of our nation.The hats made by  rural folk  of Sompeta in Andhra were of unique quality to withstand the rainy season.At Ganjam of Orissa,he was received well  by a family and at the same time  marked by a menace of thieves.Khandagiri monkeys' behavior described.Richly decorated architecture in the temples made our traveler tempted to be there but denied it unwillingly to pursue his walk-journey since every moment was valuable to reach the destination.

He entered the  Bengal state via Bhadrak and other places.Kudeghars,the two storied village buildings in the state were typical entity with animals and humans existence hand in hand.Telugu diaspora at Kharagpur was almost  foreseen.Flora and fauna,chirping of varied birds,Dhabas  at  waysides,and with myriad  colors of experiences  reached Darjiling  and Rahulj's tomb.This was  1500 k.m. walk altogether.Fulfilled in 38 days.

And another one was 2300 k.m. walk from Chavata palem,his native place to New Delhi.This was done in the memory of his deceased sister who worked in army hospital.All this,he traveled through Chattisgarh,Madhya pradesh,Rajasthan and Haryana.We would  literally be with the walker all along the way he conceived  with not less than a mini India.He also had taken up 300  k.m.  trip and which had started to reach the origin place of Gundla kamma river.

Travel on foot is synonymous with Adinarayana in Telugu states.These were a few words indeed on his book.The Rest to be known through reading it only.Astute planning with persistence brings success.More over, the passion works as a key factor in any pursuit.That's what one could understand from this scholar gypsy.

Friday, June 23, 2017

At National Translation Mission..!

True.It could be a sin, if I don't write about my days spent at  National Translation mission,Mysore.I have already translated "The God Father" of Mario Puzo into Telugu and which has its second edition in the market after having exhausted first print.That means or sounds something  meaty with my translation.Practically.Hope so..!But why you conceived the  journey all the way,you may question me..yes...there were excuses enough for it.

(At valedictory meeting  click done by Sankar Shaw)

I always want to meet new people and places with its own  offerings.The more I travel,the more I fall in love with India.Already roamed quiet a bit.Stunned with its diversity for every fifty miles and there was a unique unity if you go north or south.Outwardly , the people who  have forced knowledge through various medias  could  differ  on various matters such as religion,caste,creed and so on.But the common man in every state is alike.Am sure if you can't live in India,you can't live anywhere on the earth.

Coming  to our topic,translation is my passion.In fact,it's a  great service.Having something  unknown to  your lap means  no short of service.He took all the pains of understanding two languages and get ready  for you.That's not  an easy job.I hoped to meet  different  aspirants from  different  states.That was fulfilled.East,west,north and south from all directions of our country,I was fortunate to meet promising young translators.
(Having a tea at the dining room)

A new start had been seen on this occasion.Through giving and taking of Indian languages only the spirit of   Integration is possible.Yes,not only from  English,Indian languages should be exchanged in translation.That's what exhorted by Prof.Panchanan Mohanthy in his valedictory meeting.I should also tell about the erudite scholars who taught  us pros and cons of the subject.All were well experienced and in tact with the relevant  topic.Leave some people like Aparna Das  (?) of HCU who  seemed  having gone overboard with her  own approach.

(Receiving a certificate)

I also met some gems like Naveena Amaran who  happened to be the review editor of two English journals and Manojit Das of  computer geek  and Atul Chaturvedi,Shivanath Sarma,G.T.Naidu,Amal raj,Alankeswari,Anju,Kaif,Mazhar,pavan and many young people.Stuti barukia and Bhai jan from North east.And what to say about V.R.Sarma and Anna Mary who almost became close friends.

Maybe, we shall not meet together..But the moments we left  there still in  the air.Last but  not the least,I have bought a book from the press located in the campus is titled "Zeme folktales".Am reading it now.At last,north east tales that I was searching for ,ended up here.Tariq Khan sir and Anwar sir,well  done your jobs.Adieu  Mysore.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Way to Elysian fields

The charm remains as old as it had been found with Ooty  with its lush green ambiance  and sober climate.Haunting shades take people with the same ecstasy and never let  loosen the noose on visitors.We already have seen Ooty umpteen times in Bollywood to Kollywood movies.But the things you do and see there are not less than such  fabulous works.Cool weather at that altitude never fail to intrigue us to rejuvenate our spirits.The boat in the water leaves stirring bubbles on the surface when it turned opposite.The hill station  has many things to offer.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

At R.K.Narayan's House

R.K.Narayan (1906-2001) a quite familiar name as a creator of  Malgudi,the fictitious town where number of his characters were living in flesh and blood to enchant the reader.It was my long lasting wish to see and talk to that writer.Unfortunately it was too late to meet him in person but visited his house located at Mysore where once he lived.These were some clicks from there to encompass those moments here .

The building was said to be demolished by a realtor but on the requests of people of Mysore which was bought up by Local Muncipal Corporation and made as a museum in the memory of that great old man of  Malgudi.It was of two stories and neatly constructed with every object he used in his last days.

Try to see this in the location of Yadavagiri of Mysore,nearby radio station.Abundant greenery was there all around the place.His novels,collected books,furniture,citations and his personal photos all were set in a beautiful manner.Swami and his friends,The Bachelor of Arts,The English Teacher,The Guide,The Dark Room,Mr.Sampath,Waiting for Mahatma,A tiger for Malgudi and other ones he penned were to be etching in the minds of readers. 

Is it not a perfect example of  honoring a writer  in a befitting way...?

This was his study room with collection of books .

Dresses he used 

Who forgets the serial of Malgudi stories..

With Nehru

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