Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Clouds over the Green Pastures

Green pastures and the floating clouds,above all scattered houses here and there in the thickness of forest like ambiance.I was intrigued to capture the scene on the spot.It was around Nugarawaliya in Sri Lanka.In fact,not closer to it,You would meet it while journeying from Kandy to Nugarawaliya via some Tea production companies.There were a few good hotels from where you can see the landscapes and water falls vividly from the wall glasses.Always drizzling over the trip we had taken,November month to say.

The Island country offers a lot to the visitors,natural elegance apart from rolling back to cultural and historical glances in abundance.Diverse cuisine is available in many hotels.For Nature aficionados,a real visual feast where ever we go,that's what one could feel in brief.Serene waters in flowing,rushing in falls,how the form of waters appear in myriad ways are to be witnessed.Scaling heights of hills added extra beauty.   

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Polling Duty (story) --Murthy KVVS

Polling Duty (story) --Murthy KVVS

Notification of election schedule in today's paper brought the bygone days back for me.It is about almost a decade passed by.But those moments are fresh in my mind.EVM was something impossible to imagine in those days.I was drafted as a presiding officer to execute in a polling booth that situated in a remote village.There were four more employees in my team, and they were from different departments.

It was almost five in the evening as our vehicle reached the village.The vehicle provided by election commission has gone back with remaining staff to their respective places.Our team members comprised of different age groups.We five people boarded in the school along with the polling material.The very next day is polling day.We started pre arrangements soon after having a little rest.

We have surveyed the rooms and premises of the school to make a plan for various requirements like makeshift way for voters to come in and exit.And to prepare a corner to keep the ballot box on a table, with covering by a blanket for secrecy.Everything to be intact.Somehow, we have completed all the work including filling up required papers by seven O's clock in the night.Tomorrow is going to be the De day.By 7 a.m. sharp, the juggernaut of polling process will be commenced.Voters will be queuing up for exercising their franchise.

As having said, our team is of a high-octane five members including me.The duty like this can only be succeeded with team spirit and every one has to do their part to make it fruitful.The same thing has been uttered by me repeatedly.Fortunately, our team members were very cooperative.

It was almost eight O clock in the night as we have returned to our worldly business from our conversation of many other things.I went out to meet some villagers or find a small hotel to prepare meals for us.It was a moonlit night.Village looked so calm, no one was on the street.Dim lighting of bulbs kept pouring from the street electricity poles.Both sides, unruly bushes were growing.At last, I found a villager after walking a few yards to the corner.

"We are the polling staff deputed here in your village to accomplish the election process.It seems nobody is out there to ask something about."I introduced myself to the man.He was grim and thoughtful for a while.

"Here people used to go to bed by seven or seven thirty in the night.There was no hotel or any accommodation for the meals.You have to help yourself only," He answered in a businesslike tone.

"My God...What to do, is there any hotel nearby the village?"

"Yes...But it is about 20 k.m.s.' away.All the way is filled with wild animals apart from being stark dark."He informed me and rushed himself without heeding my further talk.sighed for our fate.Came back to the school-cum-polling booth.On disclosing the fact,our second team member came up with a sweet news.

"Sir...don't worry.I have brought some fruits and biscuits with me.Let's have it.Of course,it can't be like a meal in any sense.."He appeared like a messiah. All our members were happier to have something instead of going hungry all the night.Each member got two bananas and two biscuits.Wow.What a great treat for our tummies.There was a tube well in the school premises to provide gallons of water.No problem, we can endure the starvation of some more days.We became more confident after having the water up to our throats.

We spread our blankets on the floor and rested our bodies cozily.Through the doors wide opened, Sky was looking like the old friend with starry lighting.Eerie silence everywhere.All of a sudden, somewhere a feeble howling like sound came from a distant place.That should be a fox for sure, howling from an half emptied belly like us? Or from an orgasm of night cap? Our pals were sleeping fast.Good God...You made me capture nature's pulchritude.

In the early morning, all of us completed face washing and bathing, etc., polling agents keep coming one by one.As a presiding officer,I have to provide them I.D.cards and at the same time have to check their credentials.Mock polling, paper sealing and other formalities have been done in their presence.All those were performed in time.We made them sit down on the benches allotted for them.

Voters were waiting in queues, and I nodded to the security person to send them in.Security personnel has joined us this morning though they have had to report the previous day.However,this is not the time for indulging in arguments.It would hamper all the polling process.One by one,voters got rolling in.Our team members sat in a row with eager to do their respective jobs such as verifying electors, putting tick mark in the electoral roll and indelible ink mark on fingers so on.

Work was going on smoothly.And our staff also immersed in the process.By the ten in the morning, almost 50 voters came and exercised their right.Now flow is slow.Meanwhile, a polling agent asked me about the details of breakfast whether we have had.I told him that the entire story of the last night and asked him to send any person to get it on payment.Our staff were having water for every now and then to keep them energetic.But their faces showing their real plight.

The polling agent nodded for my request but no firm answer came from him.determined not to tell him again.Come whatever.We were ready to face it.I too gulped some water again.There was no dearth of water as we have a tube well in the polling booth.Certainly we will never die.But a huge wave of weakness was trying to defeat our spirit.We were determined to face it whatsoever.

And another spell of voters came into the booth.It was a heavy rush.in other words.We became busy and no time to think about our hunger now.Water bottles were aplenty at our side and consuming water like frogs.Almost four villages around this one fall into our list.So the voters turnout seemed big.It was around 2 o'clock and the agents were ready to go out.Their substitutes would come later.They promised us to send tiffin or meals from the nearby village.They left.And their substitutes attended with empty hands.No tiffin or meals were being sent by these new agents.

Everyone of us became mute and understood the situation.We consumed water abundantly.No expectations from anybody else.This day is the real eye opener.We have paid for what we have done.We should have brought some more food like breads, chapatis and fruits.Every village is unique in our country.Some could cooperate with us, but some couldn't.No right to blame anyone.That's how people behave, no humanity no bull shit.

At last we have completed our poll work.It was 5 O'clock in the evening.All our team members and I sighed with a note of satisfaction.All post poll work furnished and agents have also left.Everyone of us felt like a soldier, won a hard battle.We were talking less due to weakness but were raising in our spirits.After two hours spent in leisure, our bus came to the polling station.

requested the driver to stop at the nearest hotel or at least at the small grocery outlet to eat something available there.The bus was heading through the wild forest, and we all closed our eyes as the cool breeze moving over our faces.--Murthy K.V.V.S.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Bhakta Hanuman Temple in Sri Lanka

This Bhakta Hanuman Temple is a unique construction on the hills of Wevendan.Exactly it located in the heart of Island country Sri Lanka.As the temple has been built on the location of 3,200 ft above to the sea level,entire area looked like a paradise with  the views of lush greenery,flowing streams,falls and birds'chirping sound.

The temple was constructed by Chinmaya Mission and named it as Rambodha.Entire view gives a feeling of being in the nature's lap.The hills and clouds together make us seeing a panoramic sight of serene beauty.Lord Rama,Ma Seeta,Lakshmana and Vinayaka idols are there in the temple.All it is in the vicinity of 10 acres of land high above on the hill. 

Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Guest Obsessed (Story) ---Murthy Kvvs

The Guest Obsessed (Story) ---Murthy  Kvvs

Count down started for the monkeys.The decision to control their naughty and eccentric ways has emerged from all our staff members of the school.One has to know the prelude or would get confused about it.Well, had that rogue monkey not bitten Venkat Master on that day, the situation would not have turned grim.However, 

we are not going to kill them but determined to transport them into a dense forest of Chattisgarh.It's our border state with plenty of green cover.

You would ask that how many monkeys were there.Altogether thirty.They have been collecting the remains of mid day meals of our school children.They have never injured anyone except that one incident.So we let them go on their own as there are some kid monkeys to feed.The kid monkeys were cute and clung to the backs of mother monkeys.And often off to branches of trees to jump all over and what not.

As days go by, with increasing its number, becoming much naughtier than ever before.As a matter of fact, they maintain certain discipline even in such an unruly behavior.They would respect the cook of the mid day meals, even her helpers.The monkeys always wait until the meals preparation got ready.Patience pays, they know it well.Cooking staff is just like food givers for them.So they keep distance with them in reverence, even when they hoodwinked at times.

It's with children, different.They grow angrier by its growling upon any mischievous act of playful children.Sometimes, about pouncing over the parents who keeps visiting our school.Our village is so closed society and every news tend to spread like the wild fire.Some villagers requested the head master to drive out these rogue monkeys from the school before any unwanted thing happened, interestingly there were some fans or devotees of these creatures in our village and those warned the head master not to harm the monkeys physically.At last, upon many consultations, monkeys were decided to catch and transport them into a dense forest.Of course, expert workers have been given money as advance and they requested one week time to do this project as they were busy with the same kind of work in another village.

Meanwhile, some of the people belonging to electronic media came to our school to do a story on the revelry of monkeys.They attended with due equipment like shooting camera etc. All they kept waiting for hours.No trace of a monkey found even after the mid day meals time.

"Master ji...what's the matter?No monkeys are around here.Have they run away?"the press man asked me.

"It seems surprising to me.They should have been here by this time.Some would be hanging from the tree and some were jumping over helter-skelter across the premises.Exact time for their arrival.I am really clueless about it..."I lost in thought.

"We have waited long enough.Mid day meals time is crucial for them.It is almost two hours past after it.Perhaps the monkeys could sense our entry into the school with all these cameras and bags.And they must have communicated among them to escape from here."

"Yes.that could be the reason.Still I am wondering that even a kid monkey is nowhere to see.How they got united in the deed is a miracle.Vanished like nothing."

After a friendly chat, the press crew went out in despair.Thereupon I become a great enthusiast about the life style of monkeys.It will make a worth research indeed.started unraveling the mystic behavior of these interesting creatures.Surprisingly the monkeys appeared in our school premises on the very next day.Exactly the mid day meals time.Strolling like old buddies.

God damns it.How clever they are.Who said animals were a novice.They could grasp things and do accordingly in great precision.They thought that today was the safest to come here.If they have ability to speak up like humans, that info can be an exciting story of struggle for existence on the earth.In fact, the humans live in a rather safe condition.

One day, I was sitting under a shade of neem tree.School children were sent out on the demand of Bharat. 
Bandh agitators.We the teaching staff remained in the school.Suddenly there is a rustle behind me.looked at it.A monkey was there.First I scared a little bit.And I determined firmly to not shiver at whatever the situation.The monkey came closer to me.And seeing me with its innocent eyes.I keep calm and staring somewhere else.

After a few seconds, the monkey is still seeing towards me.decided to make eye contact now.Perhaps it felt safety around here. That's why no sign of arrogance in its face.I never have a thought of attack this animal. My body language might have sent the indication.Some minutes went by.wish to break the silence.

"My friend...What are you looking at? No food is prepared today.You know our school claims holiday.Go somewhere for this day," I said.The monkey glanced at me for a while.And it lowered its face calmly.As if it understood what I said.Then, face lifted to see me.There is some friendliness in its eyes.It has gone slowly towards the closed kitchen to check.Soon after, it vanished into the thickness of unruly wild greenery.

There was a bad news on the following day.That was about the biting of a monkey.An eighth class student was the victim.It was rather a sharp bite on the right leg and blood keeps running out.We the staff took him to the nearby hospital and sent him out to the home after due medical treatment.I was aghast.What makes the monkey to do so?Yesterday, It was behaved like a nice one.Who knows it could be the different monkey.

I inquired with a friend of the injured boy about the biting of the monkey.He unraveled the secret that his friend has first initiated provoking the monkey by his intimidating gestures with a stick and verbal hoodwinking.The monkey escaped at the moment and came back in the time of recession to attack him while he was rushing out alone.That means these creatures knew how to act in a strategic way.My Goodness.

"My dear boys...Don't try to harm them.They won't come to attack you unless you people provoke them.Is it, not the best example for that?" I asked the boy.He nodded as if he understood it.Though I advised so, my inner self sighed with a light tremor.

Our colleague Rameswara Rao started telling his experiences with the monkeys, during lunch time.Prior to this place, he worked in a village Narayana puram."these monkeys are very clever than we generally consider about them.In my last working place where I lived filled with a band of monkeys were always behaved like a disciplined group.They would give me the safe passage while heading to the house for the lunch, they just used to hide in the bushes of greenery for the time sake.They came out soon after I had left the house.They know how to respect a person who never meddles with their playful activities.

Some villagers got angry, and it led to electrocution to kill the monkeys.Some baby monkeys were also killed and on the incident, other enraged monkeys stirred like wild demons.They injured the people whoever were walking on the road.Both parties were at loggerheads.The entire village took it as a prestige point to get free of these creatures.All the monkeys got killed.To my surprise, the people who involved in the mayhem of the monkeys had been forced to leave the village on different causes..."Rao concluded.

"You go to any place in India, village, town or metro. No place is seen without these monkeys.Spreading like anything.What's the way out?And how to curb the menace of it?Both governments and people should think of the issue on the ground of realities.Once all these were hardly seen except the monkey tamer brought to our homes for having alms.Now it became a headache."I sighed.

"Just a couple of days back, a monkey rushed into our house,"Rao said.

"What happened then," I gasped with awe.

"We should remember one thing while dealing with them.Better not intimidate them by gestures.Just we remained calm as we were not conscious of them.They kept fumbling for eatables.After having a handful of morsels, they went out without damaging much.Thank God, they never tried to attack us, we should be so discreet with them, of course, for our own safety," Rao answered.

"O.k.sir...I too have experienced in that sort...Tell me how to get them out of our school?"I asked him.

"The foolproof way is to tranquilize them by alluring some fruits or so in order to transport to dense forest, the farther the better."

All the staff felt happy over the idea to implement.Villagers promised us to engage the best personnel to catch the monkeys.Everything is set aright.The concerned people were also provided with advance and in a few days the project has to be accomplished.

I have seen through the window of some interesting glimpses of monkeys.They were jolly as ever.The plans we're making were unknown to them.Some baby monkeys attached to their mothers.And some were jumping on the trees happily.And a monkey kept searching for lice, in his friend's hair.In turn, the latter assumed the same service.They were in the world of their own where everything seemed merriment.

All of a sudden, a baby monkey cried out of fear.Hearing it, all the remaining monkeys gathered in no time, around the bewildered baby monkey.The dog ventured against it fled away.The big monkeys were very protective about the baby monkeys.

One fine morning all the monkeys were caught and transported by a van.Everything went out as we have planned.Now our school is monkey-free and of serene ambiance.We sighed.Our Venkat master is much more happy.Do you know why particularly this master has been chosen by monkeys?He had always maintained a large stick for beating the monkeys whenever time permitted him to do so.That's a great fun for him.

He would never care the advice of other staff to be restraint and he became more vengeful upon it.One day, he remained lonely in the office room.That's the chance the monkeys used perfectly.All they stormed into the office room and injured him unto dreaded injuries.They divided into three groups with each at the strategic point to let not him be escaped.Our Venkat master thundered with the incident.

Some months passed by.Rainy season at its peak.We never have attached bath rooms in those days.And one night I came out entering into the bath room built separately a few yards away in the backyard.I heard a mild rustle at the back side of the bath room.Out of curiosity, I have gone there to have a look what the sound about.It was a monkey with its infant in her lap.It looked helpless huddling her child, there was a sign of sorrow and repentance in her eyes. I understand that they both have sneaked in to protect from the ongoing rain in the leeward of bath room wall."Have a nice stay. You are our guest" I said to them.And got back into my house.No slightest provocation.The creature got it.

On the daybreak, I checked the place where the monkey was seen with its kid.No trace of the animals.They must have gone out before the sunrise, perhaps not to bother us.In every rainy season, my conscience provokes me to check the same place whenever I got out for the bath room if there were any of them.Amazing,I have never seen them again. (the End)
-----Written by Murthy Kvvs

Friday, October 12, 2018

URI Interfaith Conference

(Dr.Abraham Karickam,Dr.C.N.N.Raju,Dr.Yogi Devaraj,Dr.Shanbhoge and others) 

Bandaragama was the place in Sri Lanka with picturesque landscape hosted the 3rd Asian assembly 2018 of URI.The event took place during 5-7 October,2018.CC members came from various countries like India,Korea,Bangladesh,Pakisthan and others.Sarvodaya movement ,the brain child of Gandhiji inspired the people in this Island country and it transformed into a substantial activity.Sarvodaya founder president Dr.A.T.Ariyaratne started the juggernaut with his team and which seemed in a great order.

(Welcoming the Chief guest Dr.Wijedasa Rajapakshe,Minister for Higher Edn&Cultural affrs,Sri Lanka)

Dr.Wijedasa Rajapakshe,Minister of Higher education and cultural affairs attended as the chief guest.Artistes of traditional dance resplendent with exotic ornaments and dresses welcomed the guest and which turned out to be an eye-feasting item for onlookers.Lamp lighting,interfaith prayer and meditation activities have taken place.Introducing participants group wise made everyone knowing others better.Dr.Abrham Karickam (URI Secretary General) delivered his address of greetings.

(Tradtional dancing Artistes)

Dr.C.N.N.Raju (Bangalore),Mr.Ravi Kandage (Sri Lanka) and Rev.Kalyan K Kishku (East India) have been elected as new Global Trustees and the URI  fraternity congratulated them on the occasion.The second day carried group discussions,plenary reports and a speech by Fr.James Channan (Regional coordinator,Pakistan) on United peace:Transcending Boundaries.

(With Global trustee Dr.C.N.N.Raju)

Dr.Jehan Perera (Director,National peace council) described the religious tension in Sri Lanka and effective practices of initiatives related to religious harmony in his address.Cultural activities were followed and in which participants excelled in joy and meaning of collective work.Dr.Shanbhoge,Dr.Biswadeb Chakraborty,Frederica Helmiere,Jinwol Lee,Subhi Dhupar and many others participated.Bandaragama declaration released on the occasion.Thank you Sri Lanka.Thank you URI.

Friday, August 24, 2018

My Berhampur trip...!

It's a long-awaited moment.At last got down at Berhampur of Odisha.The place is known for Telugu literary stalwarts like Gidugu Ramurthy,Tapi Dharma Rao and Uppala Laxmana Rao and many others.It was all about hoary past and what is going on there at present..? I know any sober mind would ask it.Going to unravel it what I felt on the visit.

Still the place is swerving with great guns. there are prominent poets,story writers,theater artists and all kinds of connoisseurs in terms of Telugu diaspora and in fact the town is a best blend of Odiya and Telugu cultures.Well,my presence seemed unexpected by the friends like Vijay Chandra as my bus drove me crazy by being late,almost more than one hour.For the last couple of years,I have been confined to bus journey for some reasons.Enjoying exotic passing landscapes in leisure and listening to common and middle class people have become my new interests.

Landed up at Lanjhi palli bypass road.An auto served me up to Railway station and where I have boarded in a hotel.Both Auto charge and Hotel charge were quite reasonable.After having a shower,came out for heading towards Prakasam hall.And that's the place where our legendary Telugu literary organisation VIKASAM was conducting a memorial lecture on Uppala Laxmana Rao garu,the great novelist and exemplary translator.(12th of August denotes 120th birth celebrations of Uppala garu)Vijay Chandra garu gave me clear cut instructions to reach the venue and which helped me a lot and avoided sweating out for my destination.

As I entered the Andhra bhashaabhivardini samajam's meeting chamber, founded that interaction session was on with Ms.KS Malleeswari garu,Awardee of TANA novel competition.And she was to deliver the key note address in the evening.Vijay Chandra garu waved me to be seated and Mandapaka Kameswara Rao Raju garu with his disarming smile welcomed me and it was the first time seeing him.Of course familiar on FB.

People who attended the meeting have also asked her several questions,related to past and present scenarios of Telugu literature.It was a great tradition eliciting thought provoking ideas of intellectuals to ponder over.Ummadisetti Ramesh garu,Setupati Adinarayana garu and others raised interesting questions.I was de-stressed of my journey.After the session,Vijay Chandra garu asked me whether I would come to his residence for boarding.I am always grateful to his kind heart.For his hospitality,right from Rayagada days to hosting a delicious dinner at his home.

Sethupati Adinarayana garu drove me to the place where I stayed.He spoke elaborately on his itinerary days of Russia.Many ground breaking issues surfaced in his talk.All this has taken place in the evening session.What I astonished about key note address was the chief guest had hardly spoken anything about the contribution of Uppala Laxmana Rao garu.She should better have touched the spectrum of translation strategies adopted by Rao garu since it was his forte.I know,she was competent enough.

New friendships made.And streets of Berhampur were walked out.Everything fresh and bright.Good bye Berhampur.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Missing of an Old Woman (Story)---Murthy K v v s

Missing of an Old Woman (Story)---Murthy K v v s

Everybody in our pilgrim town knew that old woman, but I wonder whether anyone knew her whereabouts like her name and where she has hailed from and so on.The language she speaks can hardly be understood.Sometimes people used to stop there to listen her rantings.They laugh at her.For passers by, it's one kind of entertainment.Nothing more or nothing less.

She was always in her own world.Sometimes, she was staring in the sky as if there was some message being received.Sometimes, she keeps muttering herself in a gibberish language.Sometimes, sleeping with an old blanket wrapped over her.Our townsfolk is liberal.They never dare to touch her in any aspect, by letting her live like it.

People found her that she was no way hinder to their ongoing entertainment.But there was always a long heavy bamboo stick in her hands.Just like Kali mata holding a Trishul.Keeping it in view, a safe distance is maintained by the mob.As days rolling by, people lost interest in her.She became an unannounced integral part of our town.

Even the traffic police would not go against her though she made her bed on the dividers of the road.Fortunately vehicles were not dashing, such a precision in things would come to our people when seeing heart wrenched scenes like it out of compassion.And why should not they take initiative to send her the best hospital to cure this mental ailment? No hands to work, alas.

People empowered with great fortunes, coveted positions and influence would go on the road, seeing them with callousness.What can stop them if they are really determined to help these ill-fated poor ones?These mentally sick people on the streets belonged to none.Are these bound to die like a dog or a pig one day?What society we're living in?

Gopal, a friend of mine has a xerox shop, met me on the road one day.He told me an interesting news about the old woman. "Do you know something? I interacted with the woman who always was seen by the side of dividers which is exactly opposite to our shop.She was not so chronic of mental disorder.There was a little bit of confusion in her thought process.Had she been taken care by any of her family members, she would have become a normal person?She must have been on the verge of getting delusions by now.I afraid it worsens further more.."

"Gopal, you even ventured to talk to her.That's great.People like me posing as good samaritan never dared to approach her.She was bathing, sleeping and doing everything in that makeshift tent that can be washed out by any gutsy wind.Thank God, no vehicle claimed her life though it is on the road.As per your account, she could be all right by a small initiative taken by any kind person.But who would that be anyway.."I sighed.

"Your concern about a destitute one is laudable.Let's wait for a few more days.Then, we shall contact any NGO working on the cause of it.Or let's take the issue to concerned government authorities.Hope that will suffice on our part, I think."Gopal said.

"Hmm...you're right."I admitted.

Gopal and I were busy with our routine afterwards.But she was there all the time whenever I happened to be crossing the road on any work.Be it a hotter day or a colder day?It seems no matter for her.I tempted to interact with her to test her level of sanity.On seeing someone who does know me well, I was taken aback.

After a couple of weeks, I was called for interview in Chennai.I enjoyed my trip a lot, apart from the actual purpose.I took a bus journey from Vijayawada to our pilgrim town, in return.In fact,our nearest railway station is Bhadrachalam road.Ironically it is situated at Kothagudem, almost 40k.m. away.That has a story of a thriller written by a tollywood screenplay writer.So the lesser said is better.

It was almost past midnight returning from my journey.There was no sign of that old woman on the road.Shocked to discern the reality.I have had intently observed that no trace of her rags or makeshift tent around the dividers on the road.Clueless to guess.What happened to her in the mean time?Shifted to somewhere else?This is the safest place for her to abstain from all kinds of dangers. You could understand the sense.

Oh.who am I to think all of it,my conscience moaned.You're a human being like her, the other side of it resisted.How difficult it is to have empathy though which is the salt of the earth.With all these concerns, my brain heated up all along the night, in the bed.

"Gopal...How did she get disappeared from there? What happened to her, met any accident?" I inquired him the next day.He appalled at my curious concern and shook his head.(

"I was busy with my work and little known about it.My wife who looks after our shop, once said that the poor woman had transported by a van on some day.We don't know further details about the van to whom which belonged and where she had been to."Said Gopal.

sighed.God, what the secret of your playing.She is already out of her mind.Where should she go and do?Once, way back in her life, she could have been a lady like any other.And now became a street ridden by the family of her own.And in this holy country which valued the family system a lot.

After a few days, being that old woman vanished clueless, I went to Aalubaka...small village where one of my friends named Naren kept working as a science teacher in a high school.He is a bibliophile.We get engaged into talking for hours and hours whenever we meet and subjects varied to infinite.He answered one of my queries related to mental ill-health.

"schizophrenia is very prevalent among the people.There are five types in it.In our country, people think of insulting to meet a concerned doctor.And it gets chronic as time passes by.A survey report says every three person out of five needed this kind of check up but hardly cared by people.What to talk of empathy?the less we talk, the better..."Said Naren.

"You're right.We would see this kind of ill-fated ones on every street and no one gives a damn for them.Perhaps they must have been in advanced stage, unconscious of dressing and cleanliness..."

"Fortunately, there is a trend of recognizing such people have begunNaren passed a news paper to me.It carried an interesting news article.To my surprise, It was about the old woman of our town.She was getting tonsured in the photograph.Our sub collector has taken initiative to send all these people to the special hospitals.At least one officer was there with a right spirit, let this tribe increase.

I don't know how I have had missed this paper on the day.However, with a happy note, the story ended.I was desperate to see the name of the sub collector.It was Yogita Rana by name. (Written by Murthy